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Meet Kaia Marie Gastony, our incredible intern whose story is as unique as her name. Derived from the Hawaiian name meaning "water", Kaia was named after a tour guide her parents met during their honeymoon. Reflective of her name's essence, Kaia is fluid, adaptable, and imbues a refreshing energy into everything she touches.


Born in Burnsville, MN, Kaia's roots trace back to the friendly and vibrant community of Prior Lake. Her heart, however, connects across oceans to Hungary. Her grandpa Gastony, a successful professor, is a testament to resilience and ambition, having immigrated from Hungary during WWII with nothing but dreams. His spirit of perseverance is deeply ingrained in Kaia, making her a remarkable member of our team.


Growing up, Kaia's biggest role model was her entrepreneurial father, who instilled in her a love for risk-taking, punctuality, and the strength to balance personal and professional commitments. She brings these attributes to our work environment daily, showing up with a combination of tenacity and enthusiasm that is contagious.


Kaia's analytical mind shines through her favorite subject—math. Her passion for numbers, processes, and sure results make her an invaluable asset to our team. But Kaia's interests extend beyond numbers and into the natural world. Since her first encounter with horses at the tender age of three, Kaia has been enamored with these majestic creatures, a passion that she has transformed into a 9-year long equestrian journey with three horses of her own.


Kaia's life took a significant turn when she joined A Good Life Group. The experience has been a catalyst for personal and professional growth, shaping her into the vibrant and self-assured young woman we have come to know. As she works towards getting her license, Kaia aspires to focus on hobby farms, combining her love for horses and her childhood experiences to help others explore this unique lifestyle.


As her internship with us draws to a close, we couldn't be more thrilled to announce that Kaia will be continuing her journey with our team. Her spirit, determination, and passion make her an invaluable asset, and we can't wait to see what amazing things she will accomplish next.

Kaia Gastony

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