The Selling Process

How Does the Process for Selling Your Home Start?

What to expect when you’re expecting to sell your home.

The first thing you need when you’re considering whether or not to sell your home is information. Doing an Equity Evaluation will show you what you can expect from buyers in your market, find out what you can expect to make from the sell of your home, and see what repairs and updates will help you get the most return on your investment. This will help you put your best foot forward when you’re ready to sell your home. Let’s talk about what an Equity Evaluation should look like.

Our team does what only 10% of all agents do and it all starts with a thorough Equity Evaluation meeting that takes about 45 minutes. During this meeting, we’ll tour the property to make a list of recommendations for you, shows you all the data points in your area, provide you with a market analysis, teach you how to read and understand the data, and provide you with the information you need to figure out what you can expect when selling your home – and whether or not selling your home is the best option for you right now.

Doing an Equity Evaluation won’t necessarily put a sign in your yard. Our goal for this meeting is to share information so you can make an educated decision about selling your home.

When we meet with you, we come in, take our shoes off, and have you give us a quick 3-5 minute tour of your home. After the tour of your property, we’ll sit down and go over a stack of data for your neighborhood and the the data points in your market that will affect the sale of your property. 

Let’s go over the data points and information we’ll discuss during the meeting.


To determine a list price, review fees associated with selling, and explain the projected profits you can expect to make from the sale of your home, we’ll show you everything that’s selling in around you so you can see the wide range of homes that are selling in your neighborhood and it is really easy to narrow down a list price and a sales price from there.

There are agents out there that will use Zillow’s Estimate for their Market Data, but that’s notoriously inaccurate. 

The data we use is typically pulled from homes sold within a 1/4 mile radius. However, the number of homes sold in an area and population density will have an effect on the pool of data we look at. For example, if you’re in a more densely populated area (i.e. Minneapolis) our comparable sales data would be pulled from a 2-3 block radius around your home to give you more accurate market data and comparable sales information.

What we’re looking for is the style of the home, proximity to your property, and date of sale on the property to find the most recent information.


We use Market Data Point Statistics that are specific to location. What were looking at are the average and median days on market, the average and median showings that occurred before the properties sold, and the average and median prices the houses are selling for. This data is pulled from the MLS and helps us to set the expectation for what you can expect as you list your home for sale.

Once we’ve taken the tour of your home, what we’ll do is evaluate your home’s condition and make recommendations for repairs and updates that will help you sell your home faster and for the most return on your investment. These are typically small repairs that could come up during an inspection, should be done before listing, and can also help you maximize your profits.

During our meeting, we’ll review all of the neighborhood sales data, the market analysis, the recommended updates and repairs list, then we’ll talk about your plans and reasons for moving, and the timeline you have in mind.

We’ll work together to create a list of things to do to the property that can help optimize the marketing and get it show ready. Then we’ll work together to figure out the list price, and we’ll go over the fees so you know exactly what to expect.


Again, all of this is completely complimentary. Our goal is to help you make a fully educated decision about whether or not to sell your home. We don’t withhold any information and you will get a copy of everything we’ve discussed that is yours to keep and consider when we leave.

If you’re even considering selling your home, talk to one of our team. Meeting with us doesn’t put a sign in your yard, but you will know all of your options, how to put your best foot forward in the market, what projects to work on ahead of time, and how much you can expect to make from the sale of your home.

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